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10月 11th, 2008

[OTR-01] Facts and Inventions

作品情報, by DaLe.
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Title:Facts and Inventions /?Groovetune

01:Groovetune / Screaming
02:Groovetune / Nights of tribal drums#1
03:Groovetune / Accept(Nights of tribal drums#4)
04:OxGx(Ordyne+Groovetune) / (The Man Who Is Whiter Than White Is Dancing On That Chopped)BEATS
05:Groovetune/ Tour de Corse
06:Groovetune / inner flat land
07:Groovetune / brown(15 proof)
08:Groovetune / far beyond the art
09:Groovetune / the attitude track#1(original mix)
10:RYU* / A.I.(Groovetune Remix) 11:kaede/R.E.N.T.(Groovetune Remix)

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